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10,000 Hours for Success

Malcom Gladwell made the concept of 10,000 hours famous in his book Outliers. In his best-selling book, he discusses how successful people such as The Beatles and Bill Gates became seemingly overnight sensations. But in reality, they became outliers through lots of practice – 10,000 hours of practice. Bill Gates had been writing code for […]

Failure to Execute – I’ve Got it All in My Head

I have a friend who is a really good sales person. He is also very entrepreneurial. He has worked for other people for a number of years, but I’ve always been impressed by how he approaches his work like it is his own business. It shows commitment. He has been talking for a long time … Continue reading Failure to Execute – I’ve Got it All in My Head

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How To Have a Career Instead of a Job

I mentor college students at my alma mater. When I attended school there as a computer science major, the primary language I learned was COBOL. COBOL was one of the most common computer programming languages for business applications in the 1970s and 80s. As web-based applications came into play in the 1990s, few new applications […]

Your Career as a Novel

I was recently listening to a podcast in which a novelist was interviewed about her writing approach. She stated that she writes books backwards. She writes the climactic ending first. Then, she slowly writes back from that point to create the moments that lead up to that suspenseful ending. I thought it was an interesting […]

Stakeholder Management for Project Managers

Case study – The stakeholder from hell Melvin was a project manager on a software development project. On a weekly basis, he reported status via a conference call with project stakeholders that were distributed around the world. The meeting was usually a formality. Melvin sent the status report the day before to all stakeholders for … Continue reading Stakeholder Management for Project Managers

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10 Ways to Have More Efficient Days

I meet busy people all the time. They’re the people who run from meeting to meeting. They’re usually running late. They start a to-do list, but they usually don’t finish writing out all of their tasks. They’re too busy attending to one emergency after another. People like this are in a constant mode of keeping … Continue reading 10 Ways to Have More Efficient Days

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The Consulting Case Interview

The Consulting Case Interview

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a consulting position is getting past the case interview.  Few things bring fear and anxiety to the hearts of prospective consultants than the thought of a case interview with a top-tier consulting or professional services firm.  Today we will discuss the case interview, learn a little bit more […]
Businessman Thumbs Up - Professional?


In addition to staying up on the latest industry trends and being customer focused, a consultant needs to maintain a certain level of credibility.  Maintaining an image of professionalism is critical when dealing with peers and clients in the consulting world. Listen to today’s discussion here: 1 – Why is professionalism important to someone working […]

Consulting Communication Skills

One of the keys to success in any industry is the ability to communicate effectively.  This week, we discuss why it is such a critical skill as it relates to consulting and professional services. 1  – Why is effective communication so important in the professional services industry? Most of what you do as a consultant […]
Audio Book - Consulting 101

Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

This program is based in the writings of Lew Sauder, author of  Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting. I was so impressed with this book and the way Lew guides new and experienced Consultants and Service Professionals through story’s, anecdotes and hard facts, that I approached Lew to narrate the book and produce […]