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Consulting Sales and Business Development

I recently had a conversation with someone who owns his own small sporting goods business. He told me he wasn’t interested in sales. “I just don’t like cramming something down somebody’s throat that they don’t want.” He told me. That doesn’t sound very desirable. But then again, that is not what good selling is about.  … Continue reading Consulting Sales and Business Development

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The Importance of Leadership in Project Management

He managed his project like it was a finely tuned machine. One in which he could manipulate any aspect he wished with the turn of a gear or the press of a button. The problem was that it was not a machine, finely tuned or not. It was an organism. A living thing. It breathed … Continue reading The Importance of Leadership in Project Management

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Building a Professional Network

Developing a Professional Network

As a consultant moves further up the ladder in his or her consulting career, the ability to sell the firm’s services becomes more important.  It’s difficult to develop trusting relationships with potential clients without having spent time getting to know them.  In this week’s podcast we will discuss the importance of developing a professional network […]
Clients always have a delicate balancing act to maintain between their firm and the client

Balancing firm standards with the client’s

Consultants are brought in by a client for many reasons and one of the key reasons is their expertise and methodology.  Most firms have their own standards and the consultant needs to develop a balance between following the client’s standards and the firm’s standards that the client may want to adapt. What are the types […]

Developing Trust with the Client

Whether we’re talking about sales or simply service delivery, one of the biggest keys to success in consulting is about the relationships we build with our clients and prospective clients.  And just like in our personal lives, the only way to build a strong and productive relationship is by developing trust.  In this week’s podcast, […]