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The Millennial Impact on Technology

The 1990s was a great decade. It brought us Seinfeld, The Macarena, Michael Jordan, and the impending doom of Y2K hanging over our heads. It also brought the internet and mobile phones (once called car phones) into common, everyday use. People born in and around that decade grew up not knowing what life was like […]

What My Wife Taught Me about Being a Good Student

My wife is a middle school teacher. Throughout the school year she is required to attend teachers’ institute sessions. As a kid, the term “teachers’ institute” simply meant a day off. But I have learned that teachers attend daylong sessions to learn new teaching techniques and advances in education. She has explained to me how […]

How to Mentor for Maximum Benefit

We both sat there awkwardly. Two strangers thrown together. As the mentor, he felt obligated to start. But it was clear that he didn’t know what to say. He finally started by asking me about my background. I spent some time summarizing my career and asked him about his. He gave me a digest of […]

Why We Should Listen to Millennials

“They come in here thinking they know everything.” “Somebody needs to put them in their place.” “Put the phone down and listen.” If you are a baby boomer – or even an older Gen-X worker, you’ve likely either said or heard others make at least one of the above statements. There is no doubt that […]

How To Be Mentored

My high school basketball coach called me “uncoachable.” In parent-teacher conferences, my teachers told my parents that I was “unwilling to learn.” My parents wondered why I didn’t listen. They had low expectations for me in college. While I did struggle in college, I made it through. Then something happened that changed my approach to […]