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Your Career as a Novel

I was recently listening to a podcast in which a novelist was interviewed about her writing approach. She stated that she writes books backwards. She writes the climactic ending first. Then, she slowly writes back from that point to create the moments that lead up to that suspenseful ending. I thought it was an interesting […]

What You Should Know About Certifications and Degrees

Once when I was at a networking dinner I started up a conversation with the woman next to me. She seemed like a nice enough person. She told me that she was looking for a job in project management. She handed me her business card and began giving me her elevator pitch. I glanced at […]
Building a Professional Network

Developing a Professional Network

As a consultant moves further up the ladder in his or her consulting career, the ability to sell the firm’s services becomes more important.  It’s difficult to develop trusting relationships with potential clients without having spent time getting to know them.  In this week’s podcast we will discuss the importance of developing a professional network […]
Dining with the Client

Dining with the Client

We have discussed the importance of developing relationships with the client to become a client’s trusted advisor.  One of the most awkward of situations is when you finally have to sit down and enjoy a meal with the client.  In this week’s podcast, we’ll discuss some of the do’s and don’ts involved with dining with […]

Leaving a Consulting Firm

When someone joins a consulting firm, it creates the inevitable day when they will leave the firm.  It may be after just a few months or several years.  We wanted to speak in this week’s podcast about the steps a consultant should take to leave professionally on good terms. What are the major considerations a […]
Say goodbye to your clients

Leaving a Client

One of the great benefits of consulting is the variety of different projects and different clients.  Since much of consulting is project-based, consultants tend to work with a client for some period of time and roll off the project in anticipation of their next client.  In this week’s podcast, we will discuss the etiquette and […]

Social Media Factors in Consulting

Social media is a fairly new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.  There are few people who haven’t jumped on this bandwagon in one form or another.  This has created some big opportunities for consultants and some pitfalls that they need to be aware of to make sure that they use it wisely.  […]
Businessman Thumbs Up - Professional?


In addition to staying up on the latest industry trends and being customer focused, a consultant needs to maintain a certain level of credibility.  Maintaining an image of professionalism is critical when dealing with peers and clients in the consulting world. Listen to today’s discussion here: 1 – Why is professionalism important to someone working […]

Managing your consulting career

Once you obtain employment with a consulting or professional services firm, there are some unique strategies for success.  Each industry has its own strategies for success and consulting is no different.  Today we discuss strategies you can employ to improve your chances for success. 1 – What are some things to be aware of when […]
Personal Brand

Branding yourself within a firm

It’s vitally important to define or brand yourself as a professional service provider This week Lew and I discuss the importance of defining or branding yourself as a professional service provider within your firm. 1 – Personal branding is a big topic these days, what does it mean for someone working in professional services.  I’m […]