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Dale Carnegie

Building a Professional Network

Developing a Professional Network

As a consultant moves further up the ladder in his or her consulting career, the ability to sell the firm’s services becomes more important.  It’s difficult to develop trusting relationships with potential clients without having spent time getting to know them.  In this week’s podcast we will discuss the importance of developing a professional network […]
Dining with the Client

Dining with the Client

We have discussed the importance of developing relationships with the client to become a client’s trusted advisor.  One of the most awkward of situations is when you finally have to sit down and enjoy a meal with the client.  In this week’s podcast, we’ll discuss some of the do’s and don’ts involved with dining with […]
Arrogant or confident?

Arrogance or Confidence? The fine line

Confidence is one of the critical aspects of being a consultant. Many consultants cross the fine line of confidence and develop an arrogance that turns a client off and hurts their chances for advancement in their consulting career.  In this week’s podcast, we will discuss the difference between confidence and arrogance and how to avoid […]