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The Secret Sauce of Project Management: Beyond Art and Science

Brian Williams became the NBC Nightly News anchor in December of 2004. In February of 2015, he was suspended for six months for incorrectly claiming that he had been in a helicopter that came under fire in 2003. The incident created a firestorm of debate regarding news reporters, their ability to tell the truth, and … Continue reading The Secret Sauce of Project Management: Beyond Art and Science

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Client Relations for Consultants

“I’m just a programmer. I’ve only been brought in here to write code for this client.” That’s the general attitude I’ve gotten from many consultants on past projects. Some consultants just seem to forget that their really outsiders. There is a double standard. Employees have their assignments. Their employers have expectations for them. When employers … Continue reading Client Relations for Consultants

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Building a Professional Network

Developing a Professional Network

As a consultant moves further up the ladder in his or her consulting career, the ability to sell the firm’s services becomes more important.  It’s difficult to develop trusting relationships with potential clients without having spent time getting to know them.  In this week’s podcast we will discuss the importance of developing a professional network […]
Clients always have a delicate balancing act to maintain between their firm and the client

Balancing firm standards with the client’s

Consultants are brought in by a client for many reasons and one of the key reasons is their expertise and methodology.  Most firms have their own standards and the consultant needs to develop a balance between following the client’s standards and the firm’s standards that the client may want to adapt. What are the types […]