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Critical Consulting Role: Prioritizer

I was recently at a client that had a lot of issues. Business was great. They had a lot of customers. They were experiencing a lot of growth. But because of that growth, they were beginning to hit the limit on their ability to serve their client base. Their servers were starting to hit their … Continue reading Critical Consulting Role: Prioritizer

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6 Ways to Help the Client Make Decisions

Sergie is a mechanic that I trust with my cars. When I take it in for a problem, he’ll suggest an inexpensive adjustment to see if that solves the problem. If that doesn’t work, he’ll try something more. I know that he has my best interests in mind rather than thinking about how much money … Continue reading 6 Ways to Help the Client Make Decisions

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Client Relations for Consultants

“I’m just a programmer. I’ve only been brought in here to write code for this client.” That’s the general attitude I’ve gotten from many consultants on past projects. Some consultants just seem to forget that their really outsiders. There is a double standard. Employees have their assignments. Their employers have expectations for them. When employers … Continue reading Client Relations for Consultants

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Consultants are Vampires, Clients are Zombies

I’m intrigued with the popularity of vampires and zombies these days. Just doing a simple search for vampires on provides over 51,000 book titles. A search on zombies provides another 24,000. Netflix offers many titles under each category as well. It might have started with the Twilight series, but I think that just fueled … Continue reading Consultants are Vampires, Clients are Zombies

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7 Reasons Young Consultants Fail

In my twenty years of consulting, I’ve seen many consultants come and go. Some decide that it’s not for them. For others, the decision is made for them. A client may kick the consultant off the project, or the firm may remove them as a form of damage control. Every consultant struggles to some degree … Continue reading 7 Reasons Young Consultants Fail

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Reporting Bad News to the Client can be sressful

Reporting Bad News to the Client

Fresh off of the last podcast on reporting status to the client, we thought we would delve in a little deeper with the concept of reporting bad news to the client.  There are definitely some dos and don’ts involved with this delicate situation and we will explain it from several vantage points. What are some […]
Status Reporting to the Client

Reporting Status to the Client

One of the critical skills a consultant must have is the ability to communicate.  Those skills are put to the test frequently, but rarely as much as when the consultant reports project status to the client.  This week we will discuss some of the specific approaches a consultant should use when reporting status to the […]
Getting organized is important for consultants

The Importance of Being Organized

Consultants often work with multiple clients at the same time.  Even when they work with a single client, they deal with a myriad of documents information and schedule issues.  In this week’s podcast we will discuss why it is imperative for one’s consulting career to be organized and to stay that way. Is it more important for […]
Dining with the Client

Dining with the Client

We have discussed the importance of developing relationships with the client to become a client’s trusted advisor.  One of the most awkward of situations is when you finally have to sit down and enjoy a meal with the client.  In this week’s podcast, we’ll discuss some of the do’s and don’ts involved with dining with […]
Consultants need to make the most of their time on the bench

Being on the Bench

Considering the project-based nature of consulting, it’s nearly inevitable for a consultant to find him or herself between projects.  This time is traditionally referred to by the industry as being ‘on the bench’.  This week we will discuss what it means to a consultant to be on the bench and the various strategies for making […]
Say goodbye to your clients

Leaving a Client

One of the great benefits of consulting is the variety of different projects and different clients.  Since much of consulting is project-based, consultants tend to work with a client for some period of time and roll off the project in anticipation of their next client.  In this week’s podcast, we will discuss the etiquette and […]

Developing Trust with the Client

Whether we’re talking about sales or simply service delivery, one of the biggest keys to success in consulting is about the relationships we build with our clients and prospective clients.  And just like in our personal lives, the only way to build a strong and productive relationship is by developing trust.  In this week’s podcast, […]

Four keys to success as a consultant

Let’s jump right into it Lew.  What do you believe are the four keys to success in consulting? Well Jeff, it’s what I call the four C’s of consulting.  That seems to fit well since consulting starts with C. First and I believe the most important is Communication.  I think it’s very difficult, if not […]