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5 Things a Mentor Can’t Teach

If you’ve ever gotten advice like “You don’t want that,” or “That’s not important to you,” you probably know what I’m talking about. I’ve had mentors, coaches, teachers, and managers who wanted me to be just like them. They weren’t giving me advice for me to be successful. They were giving advice for them to […]

10 Ways to Be the Chief Executive Officer of your Career

The chief executive officer is the head honcho. The person in charge. He or she is the one that presumably calls the shots. The CEO is everything you should be for your own career. Here I discuss 10 parallels between what a CEO does and what you should be doing to be the chief executive … Continue reading 10 Ways to Be the Chief Executive Officer of your Career

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The Number One Secret to Success

I attended my high school class reunion a few years ago. In the invitation was a questionnaire asking a few questions about our lives since high school. One of the questions they asked was “Who was your most influential teacher from your school years?” When I got to the reunion, there was a little pamphlet […]

Dealing with Resistance to Change

When a consultant begins working with a client, he can face significant resistance to the changes he has been hired to implement.  It becomes a balance of diplomacy and change management when this occurs.  In this week’s podcast, we will explore the types of resistance a consultant can face and some strategies for dealing with […]

Knowing the Client’s Business

One of the critical keys to success for consulting is for a consultant to become familiar with their client’s business.  This can be a somewhat ambiguous concept that many consultants – both young and old – have trouble grasping and performing with any efficiency.  This week we will discuss the importance of knowing the client’s […]

Going Independent

Some people join a consulting firm to make a career of working their way up through the firm politics and become a partner or director.  Others join firms to get valuable experience to manage in another industry.  Still others utilize their consulting experience to go independent, starting their own consulting firm once they’ve learned the […]

Managing Change

Change can be a major issue to deal with whether you’re managing it on behalf of the client or change within your own firm.  This week’s podcast deals with the various types of change a consultant must learn to deal with along with some approaches for dealing with it. 1 –How much of a factor […]