Being an Outsider

Consultant Alone Often, the working life of a consultant requires that they work closely within an organizations but for the new consultant it can be a culture shock when they realize that they are NOT an integral part of the company and they are treated like an outsider. This week we will discuss the topic of professional […] Read more →

Branding yourself within a firm

Personal Brand It’s vitally important to define or brand yourself as a professional service provider This week Lew and I discuss the importance of defining or branding yourself as a professional service provider within your firm. 1 – Personal branding is a big topic these days, what does it mean for someone working in professional services.  I’m […] Read more →

Professional Services and Travel

Depending on the firm one joins or the clients an independent contracts with, travel can be involved at some level.  This week Lew and I discuss what a professional services worker needs to know about business travel. 1 – What is the most misunderstood concept regarding business travel? Those that don’t travel for business think […] Read more →

Consulting Mind Set

Today we’re talking about The Consulting Mind Set. How to get your head into the consulting profession and understand how to succeed as a consultant in many situations. This week, Lew attempts to explain the difference between what makes a good consultant vs. a typical worker in another industry (such as insurance or manufacturing). Questions […] Read more →

Fears of Consulting

Fear of Consulting Many people are reluctant entering the consulting/professional services industry.  Some of these reasons are rational and some are not Welcome to episode 2 of Consulting and Professional Services Radio – Join us each week for a discussion about the Consulting and Service Professions Industry with Lew Sauder, author of Consulting 101: 101 tips for Success in Consulting. […] Read more →