Consulting Ethics

When a professional services firm is hired to be a trusted advisor, that firm needs to keep in mind that the client’s interests may conflict with those the firm.  A consultant needs to always ask if they’re serving the client’s best interests. Today I spoke to Lew Sauder, author of Consulting 101: 101 Tips for […] Read more →

Managing Change

Change can be a major issue to deal with whether you’re managing it on behalf of the client or change within your own firm.  This week’s podcast deals with the various types of change a consultant must learn to deal with along with some approaches for dealing with it. 1 –How much of a factor […] Read more →

Sales as a Consultant

As a consultant or in any of the Service Professions, everyone is a sales person and everyone needs to be in sales mode all the time. Some firms call this rain-making, Business Development or other things but regardless of how you package it, sales is sales and nothing happens until somebody sells something. This week […] Read more →

Managing effective meetings

Prepare for good meetings One of the many things a client expects from their consultants and professional service providers is to facilitate meetings for them.  This week we discuss some of the critical approaches for successful client meeting management. 1 –  What do you think is the most important aspect of facilitating a meeting for a client? Answer: Well […] Read more →

Expectation Setting

Expectations Failure - Success Consultants need to work with clients to deliver satisfaction by setting the right level of expectation for them. This week Lew and I discuss how consultants can satisfy clients by setting and meeting realistic expectations. Although on-time delivery is an important deliverable, expectation setting involves other elements. Here’s some of the questions we addressed: 1 […] Read more →