Going Independent

Some people join a consulting firm to make a career of working their way up through the firm politics and become a partner or director.  Others join firms to get valuable experience to manage in another industry.  Still others utilize their consulting experience to go independent, starting their own consulting firm once they’ve learned the […] Read more →

Earl Nightingale

 Collection of Earl Nightingale programs: Click to Play – – Right Click | Save As to download Being a Leader Communicate What You Think Knowledge is Power Lead The Field Money One Day at a Time Seed for Achievement Service and Rewards Setting Worthy Goals – (You Become What You Think About) The Strangest Secret […] Read more →

Face time for consultants

Young consultants in a planning meeting As virtual teams and remote work settings become more prevalent, consultants are faced with the prospect of working for clients from a distance.  In light of these modern work scenarios, there are special considerations that consultants must make to ensure customer satisfaction and proper relationship development. First of all, what is face time and why […] Read more →

The Consulting Case Interview

The Consulting Case Interview One of the biggest obstacles to getting a consulting position is getting past the case interview.  Few things bring fear and anxiety to the hearts of prospective consultants than the thought of a case interview with a top-tier consulting or professional services firm.  Today we will discuss the case interview, learn a little bit more […] Read more →

Four keys to success as a consultant

Let’s jump right into it Lew.  What do you believe are the four keys to success in consulting? Well Jeff, it’s what I call the four C’s of consulting.  That seems to fit well since consulting starts with C. First and I believe the most important is Communication.  I think it’s very difficult, if not […] Read more →