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    In this episode Lew and I look back over the previous 49 episodes of this podcast sharing some thoughts on the genesis of the program based on my narration of Lew’s Book, Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting and some of the recurring themes that have come up in our consulting conversations.

    One of the most common themes has been Lew’s point that ‘Consulting isn’t for everyone’. Even though this theme is covered from time to time, these two episodes tend to capture the essence of the issues:

    Fears of Consulting

    What I love About Consulting

    While the above episodes tend to be focused mostly on experienced consultants, the following episodes were the most popular with recent  College graduates or those new to consulting:

    Managing your Consulting Career

    5 Good Reasons Why Consulting is a Great Career

    The Consulting Case Interview

    Consulting Defined    – Our most downloaded episode!

    At the other end of the statistics spectrum, we noted these couple of episodes as being the least popular. The content is relevant to the Consulting profession in all cases but for some reason listeners didn’t consume as many episodes. This leads us to wonder was this an issue with the title of the episode, the timing / time of year or some other factor. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

    Here are our least downloaded episodes:

    The Importance of a Thick Skin for Consultants

    Balancing Firms Standards with the Clients

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    Protecting Client Confidentiality

    We talked about some of our favorite episodes which were:

    Social Media in Consulting – This is a subject that Lew and I are both very interested in and will likely re-visit in future episodes. It plays into the episodes mentioned below and the Mentoring  subject covered later in this article.

    Developing a Professional Network – Another subject of passion and timeless in respect of the core methods that professionals need to apply to building relationships. This episode talks about the importance of relationship building and long term commitment to networking.

    Sales as a Consultant – We are all sales people. Regardless of your position in the firm, you are always a representative of your firms capabilities, professionalism, service etc. In essence whenever you are in front of the client you are ‘selling’ your firm. This is another subject that I’m sure Lew and I will cover again in future episodes.

    Our Favorite BooksPart 1Part 2 – Lew and I swapped thoughts early in 2013 on some of our favorite books that apply to Consulting and business in general. It was difficult to limit this to a concise list and it could have gone on for much longer. We split this into two episodes with some direction to a great collection of ‘must reads’.

    Again,  we welcome the involvement of others in this podcast, if you have some expertise to offer on any of these subjects or for that matter anything related to Consulting or Professional services, please Contact Us or leave a Voice Message using the tab on the right hand side of our website at CPSRadio.com

    Looking Forward

    Lew shared some thoughts on some of the upcoming subjects we will discuss in future episodes; Managing your career, Better Communications, Project Management and a collection of other, personal and professional growth subjects. I’ve been an advocate of spoken-word audio for many years as a means of motivating yourself or getting out of a slump by listening to basic messages about business and professionalism. The experience that Lew and I bring to these podcasts is based on more cumulative years than we are prepared to admit, and in many cases its obvious, your have heard it before but our intent is to help remind you of some of these basic truths that help make you a better and more productive and effective professional. As in Lews’ Book,  most of the messages we discuss in the podcasts apply to any professional business environment, not just consulting, so please feel free to share this program with your network.

    One subject we are working on at the moment is; Dealing with resistance to change – The ‘agent of change’ isn’t always the most popular, Consultants need to juggle the technical and human aspects of managing change in the workplace and the negatives that sometimes go with that role.

    Networking – Although we have been here before, Consultants are unique in many respects when it comes to business networking and Lew is covering some interesting aspects along that front.

    Importance of being organized – and portraying that image. It’s obviously important to be organized as a Consultant, but it’s equally important to portray and convey that organizational ability to your team and of course the client.

    Specialize vs generalize – by industry(retail, healthcare, IT etc.) and/or skill set verticals (Project Management, Finance.Change Management etc.)


    Now to the reason why Lew and I have not been podcasting as regularly as we should have been. We have been working on a book called – The Reluctant Mentor. This book came about from a brief discussion about ‘Reverse Mentoring’ that we had awhile ago and the debate over who actually mentors whom in the modern workplace.

    Generation Y (GenY), those people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s are hitting the workforce at a time when the Baby Boomers are in upper management and facing retirement. This disruption is unlike anything we have seen before and it’s creating both conflict and opportunity for all concerned.

    The Reluctant Mentor is a business novel, about a Baby Boomer who works with a recent College graduate. They both express frustration at the way the other does business with the ‘old school’ conservative business owner battling with the smart-phone addicted upstart. They eventually find ways to work together and be greater than the sum of the parts. It brings to the reader experiences that both Lew and I have lived through in the workplace and we are confident that it will be an eye-opener for anyone in a professional setting to help you deal with the Baby Boomer or GenY in your work life.

    The Reluctant Mentor will be available for sale soon – For pre-release notification and a chance to be featured on one of our web-sites and podcast episodes, register now at The ReluctantMentor.com

    Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

    Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

    Consulting 101 provides you with 101 useful tips to optimize your professional performance and jump-start your consulting career with success.

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