Fears of Consulting

    Many people are reluctant entering the consulting/professional services industry.  Some of these reasons are rational and some are not

    Welcome to episode 2 of Consulting and Professional Services Radio – Join us each week for a discussion about the Consulting and Service Professions Industry with Lew Sauder, author of Consulting 101: 101 tips for Success in Consulting.

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    This week Lew and I discuss the fears some people face when considering consulting as a career.

    What is there to fear, every one in business is so friendly, cooperative and non-threatening…..right?  🙂

    Here’s the questions Lew addresses:

    1. What do you think is the greatest fear people have of consulting
      1. It depends on the type of consulting one is in.
      2. An independent consultant is responsible for his or her own sales.
      3. Selling is very different skill from what a typical consultant does.
      4. Many will work with a placement agency that specializes in developing leads and the selling part.
      5. If a consultant works with a firm that specializes in putting project teams at their clients, if their project ends and no other projects exist to assign them, the firm has two choices.
        1. Let the consultants sit “on the bench”, getting paid to do busy work, or terminate their employment.
    2. Is it strictly a security issue:
      1. Discus the additional skills and attitude a consultant needs to have like a service-oriented attitude, thick skin, ability to step in and run a meeting if needed.
    3. Being a consultant sounds pretty stressful.  Is it all that bad?
      1. I could discuss the benefits including being assigned to high-profile projects, working with high-performance teams, more interesting work.
    4. What else are some people afraid of?
      1. Concerns that they aren’t “expert enough”, you really just need to have a little knowledge and the right attitude; concerns that they can’t justify charging the high rates.
    5. What other advice would you give someone that is contemplating consulting but is afraid to make that big step?
      1. Just give it a try.  You may not get the job offer and you aren’t out that much.  If you do get the job, they won’t set you up to fail.  If it doesn’t work out or you don’t like it, it still is a resume enhancer.

    Next week: The Consulting Mindset

    Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

    Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

    Consulting 101 provides you with 101 useful tips to optimize your professional performance and jump-start your consulting career with success.

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