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Personal Brand

Branding yourself within a firm

It’s vitally important to define or brand yourself as a professional service provider This week Lew and I discuss the importance of defining or branding yourself as a professional service provider within your firm. 1 – Personal branding is a big topic these days, what does it mean for someone working in professional services.  I’m […]

Consulting Mind Set

Today we’re talking about The Consulting Mind Set. How to get your head into the consulting profession and understand how to succeed as a consultant in many situations. This week, Lew attempts to explain the difference between what makes a good consultant vs. a typical worker in another industry (such as insurance or manufacturing). Questions […]
Fear of Consulting

Fears of Consulting

Many people are reluctant entering the consulting/professional services industry.  Some of these reasons are rational and some are not Welcome to episode 2 of Consulting and Professional Services Radio – Join us each week for a discussion about the Consulting and Service Professions Industry with Lew Sauder, author of Consulting 101: 101 tips for Success in Consulting. […]
Audio Book - Consulting 101

Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

This program is based in the writings of Lew Sauder, author of  Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting. I was so impressed with this book and the way Lew guides new and experienced Consultants and Service Professionals through story’s, anecdotes and hard facts, that I approached Lew to narrate the book and produce […]