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Good Consultants are voracious readers

Our Favorite Consulting Books – The first half

In addition to being an enthusiastic and passionate problem solver, a good consultant has a great thirst for knowledge. We’ve never known a good consultant that wasn’t also a voracious reader. We’ve often been asked to recommend books for consultants to read and have available in their personal libraries. This week Lew and I will […]
Consulting requires flexibility!

The importance of Flexibility for a Consultant

In our podcast we talk every week of some of the basic skills and attributes that a consultant needs to be successful.  This week we will discuss the need for flexibility in a consultant’s tool kit. What do you mean by being flexible? Well I’m not talking about yoga, but I wouldn’t rule that out […]
Say goodbye to your clients

Leaving a Client

One of the great benefits of consulting is the variety of different projects and different clients.  Since much of consulting is project-based, consultants tend to work with a client for some period of time and roll off the project in anticipation of their next client.  In this week’s podcast, we will discuss the etiquette and […]

Professionalism in Consulting

Consulting and professional services, by their very nature are client-facing workers who need to be concerned with maintaining a professional demeanor.  In this week’s podcast, we will discuss what a consultant needs to be aware of in terms of professionalism and how changing attitudes have caused the concept and attitudes of professionalism to change as […]

Knowing the Client’s Business

One of the critical keys to success for consulting is for a consultant to become familiar with their client’s business.  This can be a somewhat ambiguous concept that many consultants – both young and old – have trouble grasping and performing with any efficiency.  This week we will discuss the importance of knowing the client’s […]

Social Media Factors in Consulting

Social media is a fairly new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.  There are few people who haven’t jumped on this bandwagon in one form or another.  This has created some big opportunities for consultants and some pitfalls that they need to be aware of to make sure that they use it wisely.  […]

Controlling Your Emotions

Consultants can sometimes be put in high-powered situations that can test their patience.  When these situations occur, it’s important to keep your emotions in check.  This week we discuss the types of situations that can cause a consultant to lose control of their emotions and the steps they can take to control them. Why is […]
Right Wrong Failure?

Failing Strategically

Many people in the business world take great efforts to avoid failure.  Consultants are no different and may, in fact go to greater lengths. They know that not only is management watching, but they are under the watchful eye of clients as well.  Consultants today need to balance learning from mistakes, with maintaining credibility with […]

Pricing strategy and structure in consulting

How consultants price their services can mean the difference between making it in the business and going broke.  Depending on the competitive environment, consultants from large firms and independents need to know how their services compare with their industry rivals and how to successfully price those services to insure success for both their clients and […]
Young consultants in a planning meeting

Face time for consultants

As virtual teams and remote work settings become more prevalent, consultants are faced with the prospect of working for clients from a distance.  In light of these modern work scenarios, there are special considerations that consultants must make to ensure customer satisfaction and proper relationship development. First of all, what is face time and why […]

Consulting and the Role of Confidence

Working in the consulting and professional services industry requires smart people who are in the spotlight and need to be able to think on their feet. As a result, it requires some confidence and poise.  This can be a particular issue for younger, less experienced consultants, but can affect any level within the industry. Having […]
Businessman Thumbs Up - Professional?


In addition to staying up on the latest industry trends and being customer focused, a consultant needs to maintain a certain level of credibility.  Maintaining an image of professionalism is critical when dealing with peers and clients in the consulting world. Listen to today’s discussion here: 1 – Why is professionalism important to someone working […]

Managing Change

Change can be a major issue to deal with whether you’re managing it on behalf of the client or change within your own firm.  This week’s podcast deals with the various types of change a consultant must learn to deal with along with some approaches for dealing with it. 1 –How much of a factor […]

Sales as a Consultant

As a consultant or in any of the Service Professions, everyone is a sales person and everyone needs to be in sales mode all the time. Some firms call this rain-making, Business Development or other things but regardless of how you package it, sales is sales and nothing happens until somebody sells something. This week […]
Prepare for good meetings

Managing effective meetings

One of the many things a client expects from their consultants and professional service providers is to facilitate meetings for them.  This week we discuss some of the critical approaches for successful client meeting management. 1 –  What do you think is the most important aspect of facilitating a meeting for a client? Answer: Well […]
Expectations Failure - Success

Expectation Setting

Consultants need to work with clients to deliver satisfaction by setting the right level of expectation for them. This week Lew and I discuss how consultants can satisfy clients by setting and meeting realistic expectations. Although on-time delivery is an important deliverable, expectation setting involves other elements. Here’s some of the questions we addressed: 1 […]