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Episode 50 - Looking Back at Consulting and Professional Services Radio

Looking Back – Looking Forward – Episode 50

Looking Back In this episode Lew and I look back over the previous 49 episodes of this podcast sharing some thoughts on the genesis of the program based on my narration of Lew’s Book, Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting and some of the recurring themes that have come up in our consulting […]
Good Consultants are voracious readers

Our Favorite Consulting Books – The first half

In addition to being an enthusiastic and passionate problem solver, a good consultant has a great thirst for knowledge. We’ve never known a good consultant that wasn’t also a voracious reader. We’ve often been asked to recommend books for consultants to read and have available in their personal libraries. This week Lew and I will […]

The consulting industry defined

The consulting industry, or the consulting profession is a broad term which covers everything from high-level professional services such as strategy advisory all the way down to an independent contractor that provides a needed business service for an hourly rate.  In this week’s podcast, we will talk about the wide array, define the various types […]

5 good reasons why Consulting is a great career choice for college graduates

…. particularly in this economy! With unemployment rates falling it’s at least some encouragement for college seniors and MBA students facing the challenges of entering a business world that doesn’t really want them. Now that might be a bit harsh, but it’s certainly the case that there are many highly qualified and underemployed consultants and professionals […]

Going Independent

Some people join a consulting firm to make a career of working their way up through the firm politics and become a partner or director.  Others join firms to get valuable experience to manage in another industry.  Still others utilize their consulting experience to go independent, starting their own consulting firm once they’ve learned the […]
Young consultants in a planning meeting

Face time for consultants

As virtual teams and remote work settings become more prevalent, consultants are faced with the prospect of working for clients from a distance.  In light of these modern work scenarios, there are special considerations that consultants must make to ensure customer satisfaction and proper relationship development. First of all, what is face time and why […]
The Consulting Case Interview

The Consulting Case Interview

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a consulting position is getting past the case interview.  Few things bring fear and anxiety to the hearts of prospective consultants than the thought of a case interview with a top-tier consulting or professional services firm.  Today we will discuss the case interview, learn a little bit more […]

Four keys to success as a consultant

Let’s jump right into it Lew.  What do you believe are the four keys to success in consulting? Well Jeff, it’s what I call the four C’s of consulting.  That seems to fit well since consulting starts with C. First and I believe the most important is Communication.  I think it’s very difficult, if not […]

Consulting and the Role of Confidence

Working in the consulting and professional services industry requires smart people who are in the spotlight and need to be able to think on their feet. As a result, it requires some confidence and poise.  This can be a particular issue for younger, less experienced consultants, but can affect any level within the industry. Having […]
Businessman Thumbs Up - Professional?


In addition to staying up on the latest industry trends and being customer focused, a consultant needs to maintain a certain level of credibility.  Maintaining an image of professionalism is critical when dealing with peers and clients in the consulting world. Listen to today’s discussion here: 1 – Why is professionalism important to someone working […]

Consulting Communication Skills

One of the keys to success in any industry is the ability to communicate effectively.  This week, we discuss why it is such a critical skill as it relates to consulting and professional services. 1  – Why is effective communication so important in the professional services industry? Most of what you do as a consultant […]

What I love about consulting

We talk so much about the trials and pitfalls of consulting that we thought it would be interesting to discuss the things we like about the consulting and professional services industry. Although it can be a challenging career, it can be a fulfilling and rewarding profession. 1 – What first attracted you to consulting? I […]

Managing your consulting career

Once you obtain employment with a consulting or professional services firm, there are some unique strategies for success.  Each industry has its own strategies for success and consulting is no different.  Today we discuss strategies you can employ to improve your chances for success. 1 – What are some things to be aware of when […]

Consulting Ethics

When a professional services firm is hired to be a trusted advisor, that firm needs to keep in mind that the client’s interests may conflict with those the firm.  A consultant needs to always ask if they’re serving the client’s best interests. Today I spoke to Lew Sauder, author of Consulting 101: 101 Tips for […]

Managing Change

Change can be a major issue to deal with whether you’re managing it on behalf of the client or change within your own firm.  This week’s podcast deals with the various types of change a consultant must learn to deal with along with some approaches for dealing with it. 1 –How much of a factor […]

Sales as a Consultant

As a consultant or in any of the Service Professions, everyone is a sales person and everyone needs to be in sales mode all the time. Some firms call this rain-making, Business Development or other things but regardless of how you package it, sales is sales and nothing happens until somebody sells something. This week […]